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Join the Bitcoin Champion app and you could start Earning Insane Profits Daily

Bitcoin Champion trading robot generates a daily profit of up to 60% speculating on bitcoin prices. Our robot depends on advanced AI algorithms to scan the markets and identify profitable trades at high accuracy. You could start making money right away by registering with us and funding your account with a seed capital of $250. Please remember trading cryptocurrencies involves risk.

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Matt B. Sydney, Australia

Profit: $ 9,942

“Bitcoin Champion is the real deal if you are interested in a passive way to make money off the bitcoin hype. It’s now since months since I registered an account with them and have already earned close to $10k. The best thing is that I do not have to invest in trading education to trade with this robot.”

Maureen W Miami, FL

Profit: $ 6,494

“I can’t believe my luck with this robot. A whopping $6,494 in less than two weeks of  trading and from a deposit of $500 is unbelievable. Hopefully, I will achieve my goal of $100k by mid next year if I reinvest most of my profits.”

Andrew N. Melbourne, Australia

Profit: $ 14,402

There is no easier way to bet on BTC CFDs than through Bitcoin Champion. You only need to sign up, and the robot will do the rest for you. As an experienced trader, I find this robot six times more profitable than the world best human trader. I am hoping to hit the $1 million in profits in about six months of trading.

Anita W. Limassol, Cyprus

Profit: $ 5291

“Bitcoin Champion has changed my life! I have been trading with this robot for about a month and consistently earning up to $400 daily. It’s amazing how profitable this robot can get during high volatility. At this rate of profitability, I am hoping to pay off my mortgage in a few months.”


Bitcoin Champion software has been tested by experts and verified to be highly profitable.  Bitcoin Champion has great reviews on TrustPilot with most users reporting an amazing trading experience. * Remember all trading involves risk.


We are one of the first BTC CFDs trading robot to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in auto-trading. These technologies are popular with trading systems owned by big banks in Wall Street. We have brought their power to the ordinary person through the Bitcoin Champion Trading App.


With us, you can trade while on the go through our state of the art trading mobile app. The app is native and available in Android and iOS versions. You can download it on our trading tools page. Please note that the app is free and only available to registered users. Moreover, it’s lightweight and hence doesn’t affect the performance of your device.



The Bitcoin ChampionProfitTrade TimeCryptocurrencyResult
Andrew T.$59118/01/2021LTC/EOStick
Damien C.$101718/01/2021ETH/LTCtick
Kate B.$68818/01/2021BTC/ETHtick
Bruce J.$83918/01/2021EOS/ETHtick
John S.$49318/01/2021LTC/EOStick
Larry H.$106218/01/2021BTC/ETHtick
David T.$50618/01/2021ETH/LTCtick
Tony R.$87918/01/2021EOS/ETHtick
James D.$89518/01/2021LTC/EOStick
Kevin F.$76918/01/2021BTC/ETHtick


Step 1

The signup process with us is quite easy. We require all users to authenticate their contact details with us and verify identity through our partner brokers. The process is self-explanatory and fast.

Step 2

Deposit as little as $250 to access Bitcoin Champion App Trading Area. We rely on stringently regulated brokers to handle transactions with our clients. Broker regulation is enough assurance that your money is safe with us.

Step 3

We are an auto-trading robot that is completely beginner-friendly. You can start making money within a few minutes of registering with us. Our dedicated account manager is standby to walk with you through the account setup process.



Is Bitcoin Champion Profitable?

Yes! We have been around for over four years and have already helped a lot of users gain immense wealth. Our users report a daily ROI of up to 60%, which translates to $700 from a deposit of $250. Those who reinvest their profits can generate more. All margin trading involves risk.

How many hours should I trade?

That will depend on how much you invest and if you are following trading instructions. The more money you invest, the higher the potential profitability. However, it would be best if you did not trade with more than you can stomach to lose. All forms of trading carry significant risk.

How much can I make with Bitcoin Champion?

That will depend on how much you invest and if you are following trading instructions. The more money you invest, the higher the potential profitability. However, it would be best if you did not trade with more than you can stomach to lose. All forms of trading carry significant risk.

How much does Bitcoin Champion cost?

Bitcoin Champion doesn’t charge any license fees. However, traders must pay a 2% commission on profits earned through the robot. The platform does not make money in unprofitable trades. Bitcoin Champion has partnered with ECN brokers to ensure the lowest trading costs.

Is Bitcoin Champion a Ponzi scheme?

No! Bitcoin Champion is a legit trading app powered by tested and proven auto-trading technologies. The robot makes money by speculating on BTC through CFDs. For the sake of beginners, a Contract for Difference (CFD) is a derivative that allows you to profit from price movement without owning the underlying asset.

Is Bitcoin Champion a scam?

No! Bitcoin Champion is a reputable crypto trading platform. It’s recognized by experts globally and has perfect reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot.

An In-depth look at Bitcoin Champion

How to trade with Bitcoin Champion?

Our platform is open for all since it doesn’t require any skill to trade. We are available in over 120 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. Like any other trading robot, we rely on robot brokers to handle transactions with our users and execute orders.

You could start making money with us immediately by signing up through the steps below. Please note that highly profitable trading bots also carry significant risk. It is best if you only trade with money you can afford to lose.

1) Register a free account: You need to create an account with us to access our trading platform. The registration process is the same and safe. We do not disclose clients’ information without their permission.

2) Verify identity through the partner broker: You will be redirected to a local broker’s page to verify ID after registration. ID verification is an important safety measure that is a requirement with all well-regulated brokers. The verification process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

3) Fund your trading account: Like in any investment, you need to invest some money with us to expect a profit. The minimum amount required to trade with our robot is USD 250. Our brokers support account funding through bank transfer, debit and credit cards, and some e-wallets.

4) Live trading: Read our trading guide and click the live button to start making money. We recommend that you run the robot for not less than 8 hours daily.

What is Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion is a state of the art auto-trading platform powered by AI technologies. We have been offering auto-trading services since 2016. Most of those who try our trading platform report a positive trading experience. We are widely covered in the mainstream media and have been reviewed widely by top crypto publications.

Our users have rated us well on independent consumer feedback platforms, including TrustPilot. With us, you can trade BTC against ETH, BCH, XRP, and 20 other cryptos. You can also trade BTC against fiat currencies, including the USD, AUD, GBP, and EUR.

The facts about Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion is a viral trading robot that is available in over 120 countries. Here are some interesting facts about this platform.

  •  You do not need to know about cryptos or trading to make money out of this platform.
  • Bitcoin Champion is the first auto-trading platform to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in crypto trading..
Bitcoin Champion and Mainstream Media?

There is a viral social media rumour linking Bitcoin Champion with some reality TV shows. These include the famous Shark Tank (US) and Dragons Den (UK). But is it true that we have pitched our robot in these shows?

Bitcoin Champion and the Shark Tank – We have not been featured on this show or any related program. Perhaps those linking us to this show are confusing us with other crypto trading robots that have been pitched in the show.

Bitcoin Champion and the Dragons Den – There are rumours that Peter Jones has invested in Bitcoin Champion in the UK’s Dragons Den show. However, this is not true. We have never pitched our trading app in this show.

Bitcoin Champion Review – The Verdict!

Bitcoin Champion is a premier trading platform founded in 2016. We offer crypto CFDs trading on popular pairs, including BTCUSD and BTCETH. Our trading robot is 100% auto, and hence no special skill is needed to trade with it successfully. Moreover, we are a highly profitable trading platform with a daily ROI of up to 60%.

Bitcoin Champion is powered by AI algorithms with a high win rate. These algorithms apply trading techniques such as scalping to generate returns out of small price movements.

You can kick start your journey with Bitcoin Champion by clicking the registration button below